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Color Standards

International leader in many industries.

The subtleties make the difference: Only high-precision standards can be used to assess application results in an appropriate and professional manner. Thierry offers its customers the right tools for this purpose across all industries.

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Paint / Technology

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At your service for the automotive industry, electrical, paint and varnish industries as well as machinery construction, aircraft or maritime industries: Thierry is one of the leading companies for the painting of color standards in Europe, the USA and beyond. We provide these in all customized sizes specified by the customer and on a variety of different substrates. We also paint small series for individual company applications as well as large series for global demands.

Our manufacturing processes.

Thanks to state-of-the-art application techniques we can, for example, accurately reproduce all automotive series colors and reproduce them as color samples. We precisely follow the painting processes and application techniques for the automotive industry to achieve the optimal color match. The precise control and management of all painting parameters ensures that painting results can be consistently reproduced.


Whether pneumatic, electrostatic or powder coating – we work with paint materials from all the major manufacturers. Our color standards have perfect surfaces, minimal variations within a standard series and minimal color distance compared to the duplicated original sample.

The colorimetric analysis.

Thierry utilizes a wide range of measuring instruments from various manufacturers to conduct colorimetric analyses of color standards. The measurements are carried out automatically by robots. We carefully document the results and visually check and verify the resulting sorting of the standards. We use different types of standard lighting for the visual inspection.

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